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Bambino has five morning classes.  Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2, and Kelas Bermain with a low teacher-student ratio.

Toddler Class A&B  : 18 Months - 3 Years old

The “Toddler” program provides an environment where children learn through play. Once settled, which may vary in time for each child, he/she, can start learning through play. At Bambino, your child will be encouraged to have fun in exploring selected games and other activities: such as the table top activities, arts and craft and outdoor play.

Pre-K Class : 3 - 4 Years old

During this period, your child will start to be the young and relentless explorers They will bring up as many questions as one can imagine. Imaginative play will be introduced and your child will start to express themselves freely.

Kindergarten 1 Class : 4 - 5 Years old

The basic foundations of literary and mathematics are established. Some repetitive assignments and tasks will be given to ensure a good understanding of numbers, letters and words.

The children will also take part in tasks that focus on complex areas of development, such as imaginative play, passage of time and social development.

Kindergarten 2 Class : 5 - 6 Years old

Children will partake in numerous opportunities to support and enhance every aspect of their development. The children will use simple tools to solve problems in real-life contexts. Activities provided will aim to develop the children’s ability to read, comprehend and generate words. They will also be exposed to various mathematical obstacles to stimulate their logical and analytical skills for smooth transition into grade one of elementary school.

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