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Our mission is to nurture and develop curiosity and wonderment in the modern child for lifelong learning and creative thinking in a changing global environment.

We are living in an age of technological advancement and scientific breakthroughs. Children need to learn to face and cope with this new and fast paced environment. At Bambino your child will begin to learn these tools.​

Bambino Preschool is committed to the healthy development of every student’s social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive and physical skills. We believe each and every student has the right to a proper education that is free from limited expectations and judgment and puts them at the center of their own learning experience. Every child is valued, respected and supported for who they are, regardless of their religion or background. Student’s learning is personalized, challenging and appropriate for their developmental age.

Our four core values, which underpin everything we do at Bambino Preschool are: respect, caring, collaboration and support. We believe creating a positive culture based on these values is essential to providing the right environment for your child to thrive in.

Our Philosophy

Bambino Preschool sees every child equipped with abundant intelligence, curiosity and creativity as well as a beautiful sense of wonder and imagination.

The school believes that through each child’s uniqueness and capabilities, he or she is able to attain the knowledge and skills in his or her specific age group through direct involvement and participation in the process of learning.

Our History

Bambino Preschool is an independent and private learning institution established in 1997. It is well-known for its good reputation to establish
the best foundation in Early Childhood Education .

The first center of Bambino was in Brawijaya, Jakarta Selatan. In 2007, another center was built in Patra, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. Bambino Brawijaya has resided into new area in Cipete in 2016. With the brand new and improved facilities, Bambino Preschool is now more than ever to offer the our students an experience of a lifetime.

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