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Our Pre-school is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. School year is divided into four terms. Term I starts in July and Term IV ends in June of the following year, continuing with the Summer School. The term breaks take place between each term. We provide four classes in Bambino, Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 with an impressive student teacher ratio.
The learning environment is carefully designed to stimulate children's curiosity and encourage a child to explore and learn. Each classroom has several centers to meet each child's interests and needs. The school has spacious classrooms and playground, Gym, Library, Snack Area and Assembly Area.
Afternoon Classes
Bambino Preschool also provides a variety of enrichment classes in the afternoon. Non-Bambino students are also welcome to join any 45-minute class. Each center offers a variety of classes.
Summer School
The Summer School is held for four weeks at the end of School year. Any child aged between the ages of two and seven years could participate, including those not from Bambino Pre-School. The program is intended to be just fun, fun, fun, but participants would still be able to learn about the Bambino.

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Every Friday, newsletters are sent via email to give you an update of the latest activities in your child's class as well as articles regarding events held in school. Weekly Snack Menu and important events are also included in every issue. Let's check what's up this week.
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We celebrate various events in school to give children a better understanding of the world around them. These events also indirectly develop children's confidence and self-esteem.
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These Are Testimonials From Parents

Monica Gracia
Emilie and Nicholas Parents
We have put our children early childhood experience in Bambino Preschool since 2009, having to see 2 of my children flourish under their care. Each teacher give them the motivation to discover and explore their skills and personality. What I love about Bambino is that us as parents are also encouraged to be involved in our children development, attending assembly every morning to sing with our kids, help out inside the classroom, and also taking part on any events they have at school. Every problem we had with our kids, were able to be solved with ease with the help of the teachers. I am forever thankful to the teachers at Bambino who have guided my children to be who they are today.
Cynthia Permatasari
I can’t say enough good things about the Bambino Preschool. The teachers are wonderfully warm and responsive to the children as well as the parents. They are very patient, kind and loving. There is a great balance of learning and fun. The curriculum is creative, covers a wide range of interesting age-appropriate topics and is never unexciting. The classrooms are bright, extremely well-organized and impeccably clean. Thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail and support. I cannot imagine how i could have coped without knowing that our son Abhi is in a safe, fun place. What he had learned at Bambino, has enabled my boy to be outgoing, an independent person and respectful of others. I'm so proud of him and thankful to Bambino's teachers for their continual help and guidance all this time. I very highly recommend this school.
Yayi Rasjid
Parent of Aleia M. Kartadikaria, Graduate of 2014
Our daughter started Bambino as a Pre-K student when she was still 2.5 years old. She stayed with Bambino all through her kindergarten years, all the way until the end of her K2 year. She had nothing but the best times while in Bambino. It was in Bambino that she started her actual learning experience, and as parents we are so grateful to Bambino for introducing her to a fun and exciting world of knowledge. We truly believe that her time in Bambino played a great role in shaping her into becoming a child who truly loves and enjoys going to school and to learn new things. Every single home teacher she had during those years was excellent and top-rated in terms of both, their hard and soft skills. A high academic standard was set while always maintaining a very warm and loving approach to each of the students. The parents also always had a very close relationship with the teacher each year.During her K2 year, our daughter without her realizing it and thus being burdened by it, learned exceptionally a lot at school. This resulted into her getting admitted to a highly competitive and sought-after international primary school, which we had been aiming for. The admission was seen as an anomaly for the school as her age will significantly be below their minimum enrolment age upon the start of the grade 1 school year. Nevertheless, she was accepted based on the fact that she scored among the highest on the enrollment test, which covered written (for English and Math), reading and interview by the school principal. And to think that she did not at all prepare for it (because we thought we only had to come to fill out some forms)! All I can say is, thank you Bambino!
Bambino Preschool Cipete Center
Bambino Preschool Patra Center

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